Lower your weight, cholesterol, & blood pressure.

Using real food

& lifestyle changes.

So that you can finally start feeling confident again.

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  Ready to fit in your clothes again?

Nutrition Counseling can change that

You start a diet but then get discouraged because you’re putting in SO much effort but aren’t seeing results.

Although you can stick with a strict diet plan, after a few weeks you are tired of eating protein bars and default back to old habits. (ughhh stress eating, boredom snacking, or defaulting to take out)

What if you could work with a nutrition professional who  can develop a 100% customize plan that works for YOU instead of trying to follow what some gym-bro is doing on instagram?

Yes, even if you have a busy schedule, kids, or travel for work : ) 
I’ll help you bust through those undesired habits, and give you the accountability and road map you need to be successful.  


Client Successes

From Skeptical to Feeling 200% Better

I was skeptical to call a RD because of all my yo yo diet and nutritional experiences, but the difference between Laurie and other outside programs is the knowledge and tools she provides her patients as weapons to fight for a healthier way of daily living. Schedule your appointment sooner than later, she has helped me 200%+

– Sue C, 1:1 Coaching

Client Successes

From low confidence to interviewing for a new job!

Before I met with Laurie I felt sluggish and unhealthy. I also lacked confidence and motivation. I needed a plan and strategy for how to eat for my health that I could maintain for life. Now I feel so much better, my weight is down, and I’m consistently exercising again. After changing my habits, I started feeling better and gained enough confidence to interview for a new job!

– Cathy O., 1:1 Coaching Client

Client Successes

I have begun to prioritze myself

Prior to meeting with Laurie my routines were very inconsistent and I was eating the exact same foods, rushing through meals,  and overwhelmed by where to start. Laurie has helped me prioritize myself and my health and goals so that it feels like something I get to do-not have to do.

– Emily B, 1:1 Coaching

nutrition counseling services

Surprisingly change is possible.

1:1 Nutrition Coaching
Corporate Wellness
Personalized Meal Plans

1:1 Nutrition Counseling

Lose weight sustainably

For those desiring to lose 20-100 lbs without living on salads and spending hours at the gym?

A wholistic  and personalized approach to lose weight that focuses on creating healthy habits, improving your metabolism, and taking care of yourself.

Avoid /reduce heart medication, improve your blood pressure, gain energy, and finally have your clothes fit better.

(You don’t need to currently have high cholesterol or blood pressure to be in this program)



Corporate Wellness

Empowering Employees to be healthy

I provide dynamic and engaging lunch and learns for buisnesses of all sizes to empower their employees to make better choices for their health. 

I can make nutrition feel simple and doable for your team so that employees can actually implement concepts on their own.

Dietitian Approved

Custom Meal Plans

    Healthy Eating can be easy

      • Save $$$ overall by not throwing away spoiled produce at the end of the week
      • Get time back by having an exact menu for the week vs. spending hours looking thru Pinterest
      • Finally escape the food rut of eating the exact same 3 meals
      • Gain peace of mind knowing you are eating to improve your weight and/or heart health

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      hi there!

      I’m Laurie

      Registered Dietitian + nutrition coach.

      So why should you work with a Registered Dietitian if you could just Google all the nutrition info you need instead?

      Information without an action plan is especially USELESS. Which is why you probably know a lot about nutrition but aren’t changing. 

      I’ll give you a road map for how start eating better alongside of a clear action plan thats personalized to YOU so you don’t need to overcomplicate things or give up on yourself.

      And after helping dozens of people just like you turn their health around by changing their lifestyle–I know you can do it too.


      How nutrition counseling is different

      than just a meal plan



      We provide guidance around what foods + patterns of eating support heart health and weight loss

      Personalized for YOU

      Stop looking to influencers on TikTok for advice thats not relatable to you. We provide you with solutions to eating better that will work for your food preferences, family, lifestyle and budget

      Solid Support

      We know that change can feel hard at times! That is why we provide plenty of accountability and support in between sessions. You don’t need to feel like you are doing this all alone!

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