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Nutrition counseling can change your life

How would I know? Because it definitely changed mine!

Laurie Thenedy is a Registered Dietitian with over 9 years of working with patients to improve their cardiovascular health and manage their weight.

She focuses on a wholistic approach to weight loss so that you are not just focusing on tracking calories, but rather optimizing your sleep, movement, and establishing better habits along the way.

Let this be the time you don’t do another unrealistic weight loss program that can’t be maintained.  Instead let’s focus on taking care of yourself using real food and behavior change. 

My Story


When I became a Registered Dietitian,  I thought people needed more information and education about weight loss. To my surprise,  I found  that people needed less education and more  help with changing their HABITS for weight loss.

Maybe you’ve had experiences with a weight loss nutritionist who just handed you a meal plan and told you to stop eating certain foods and you thought that was all you needed to change your life.

Information alone isn’t effective for habit change.

Thats like saying all you need to build a custom home is a pile of supplies, but really you need a blueprint and a team.

You can’t be successful without a step by step process, a roadmap, the right tools, and someone to help.

And after 9 years as a weight loss nutritionist helping countless people go from  feeling defeated and frustrated to confident in their health and weight, I know you are capable of it too.

It doesn’t need to be that complicated.

What Makes Me Different


→Effective Coaching Skills–  Anyone can tell you what you “should” do.  

Honestly-you could just google that for free! But if all we needed was a list of “foods to eat” no one would have weight or health problems.

After investing in my own  coaching skills I can confidently guide you through the process of changing your habits and lifestyle- as well as uncovering why you are struggling with eating better (stress? low confidence? self esteem?)

→Empathy– I know firsthand that it is hard to make changes! You need someone to listen what obstacles you are facing and then come up with strategies together that are relevant and doable for you.

→Customization- Unlike other weight loss programs, I give you a personalized road map for the steps you need to take to lose weight and get your blood work back in check. You need to have eating habits that fit YOUR lifestyle, culture, and food preferences. 

→Nonjudgemental approach- too many of us have been told we aren’t “trying hard enough” by other medical providers. You don’t need another person judging you– you need someone who actually is going to help you

A bit about me

and my expertise:

B.S.F.C.S in Nutrition Sciences- Baylor University

1200 hour supervised internship – Virginia Tech

Counseling skills certified

9 years as a Registered Dietitian

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