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 online weight loss coaching could be exactly what you need

Is online weight loss coaching helpful?

100% yes!

I can support you at the highest level online through use of technology than I ever could if we only met in-person for weight loss coaching.

Our client app allows for accountability messaging, goal tracking, photo logging meals, and meal plans all in one spot!

Its like having your own online weight loss coach in your back pocket : )

My clients love that they can still make their health a priority even with a busy schedule. No need to hire a babysitter or drive through rush hour traffic to try and squeeze in an appointment with your dietitian.

What should I expect from this call?

This is a time where I can get to know you much better!

Get ready to share your health goals and how you want your life to be different in the next 3-6 months. Start thinking about why it is important for you to meet your goal. Also think of things you might have tried in the past to reach your goal.

I will share about the unique process I use as an online weight loss coach to help my clients succeed. My clients find that my approach and coaching skills allow them to be successful because they have a clear plan of what they need to work on. 

Most importantly, you can ask any questions without blindly signing up and then realizing its not what you need.

I also use this time make sure you would be a good fit for my program. I will not pressure you to join or guilt trip you during this call.

 If we are a good fit for working together I will share with you the different levels of support I offer. We can then talk about pricing and payment plans that are available.

I don’t accept everyone (*gasp!*) because if you wouldn’t benefit from services why would I want you to invest in them?


If no times on the calendar fit your schedule, please email and we can find a time that is better!

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