Does Collagen Make You Gain Weight? [A Registered Dietitian weighs in]

Published on: 01/14/2023
a scoop of collagen powder

According to Google trends, collagen has been increasing in popularity over the past 10 years. With health claims ranging from stronger hair, skin, nails, and also lowering joint pain it certainly is a popular nutrition supplement. Collagen can be drank in tablet or powder form. Powdered collagen can be added to drinks such as protein shakes, smoothies, or coffee.

If you start taking collagen for its benefits but notice the scale is starting to increase, you might be wonder does collagen lead to weight gain?

Below you’ll learn what factors lead to weight gain, and if collagen is to blame.

Let’s dive in!

What factors contribute to weight gain?

  1. More calories than your body needs
  2. Hormone are out of balance (like high levels of cortisol)
  3. Insulin resistance
  4. Lack of sleep
  5. Lack of exercise or movement. Also sitting for most of the day
  6. Medications that increase your hunger
  7. Your resting metabolic rate is slowing down (due to aging or sitting all day-both of these lead to a loss in muscle mass)
  8. Eating a lot of foods high in added sugars, fried foods, and ultra-processed foods
  9. An increase in muscle mass

As you can see-its not just one single food that can cause weight gain- there are many factors!

How Many Calories are in Collagen?

There are 70 calories in 20g of collagen powder which is about 2 scoops.

This amount of calories is about equal to the calories in a small apple or 10 almonds.
If it takes 3500 extra calories in a week to gain 1 pound, then eating an extra 70 calories would only provide an extra 490 calories.

Basically, consuming collagen does not make you gain weight by itself.

It is most likely from other factors in your life such as starting a new strength training program, eating more calories than you need, or not exercising at all.

If your trying to lose weight, and need more help making a realistic plan to help you build better habits and change your eating, set up a clarity call today! I would love to help you get there.


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