The Healthiest Bread at Subway for Weight Loss

Published on: 06/01/2023
Healthy bread choices at Subway

If you order out often and want to pick the healthiest bread at Subway so that you can lose weight, you might find yourself second guessing your order choices as there are so many breads you can order.

While eating more foods from home can be beneficial for weight loss, you can still find balanced choices when eating at Subway to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Based on the nutrition facts from, I provided my top choices for the healthiest bread based on the amount of fiber, sodium, and overall calories in the bread.

Are Wraps Healthier than Bread at subway?

Not necessarily. The wraps have more calories, sodium, and carbs than some of the other bread options. The sodium in a wrap is anywhere from 730-780mg (about 40% of your daily value), so if you are watching your sodium intake I would not recommend it.

However, the toppings you add into your wrap or bread will also make a huge different in the overall amount of calories, sodium, fiber, and protein in your meal.

So if you want a wrap because you actually like the way it tastes, then go ahead and order it. However, don’t order the wrap because it looks thinner and therefore must be “healthier”.

What is the Best Bread at Subway for People with Diabetes?

This will depend on your carbohydrate needs. The Hero bread has the least amount of net carbohydrates which is 1g.

For a moderate carbohydrate bread, the mini hearty artisan bread has 24g of carbohydrate or 1/4 artisan bread has 17g.

Which Subway Bread has the Least Amount of Sugar?

The Hero sandwich bread contains no added sugar. Both the spinach wrap and mini artisan Italian bread contain only 1g of added sugar.

However, the toppings you add onto your Subway sandwich bread can add more sugar than you might expect, so be sure to think about your order overall.
For example, if you pick the spinach wrap and get the veggie patty on top, the sugar jumps from 1g to 8g.

Sandwich toppings that contain high amounts of added sugar:

  1. Chicken terriyaki and sweet onion (15g)
  2. Meatball marinara (8g)
  3. Roast beef (7g)
  4. Subway club (7g)

My top 5 healthiest Subway bread choices!

  1. 6″ Hearty Multigrain Bread- this bread provides a balanced amount of protein, carbs, and overall calories.
  2. Artisan Flatbread– unlike the wraps, this flatbread has roughly half the amount of sodium.
  3. Artisan Italian bread– even though this is white bread, it is lower in sodium than the wraps and still has 2g of fiber.
  4. Tomato Basil Wrap– this wrap is lower on the list as it is very high in sodium (730g) but does have 8g of protein.
  5. 6″ Hero Bread – while there is no added sugar in this bread, it is only 75 calories. Even if you add meat and vegetables on top, it might not keep you full as long as the multigrain bread. Additionally, the 26g of fiber may cause a lot of uncomfortable gas and stomach cramping if you are not used to eating this amount of fiber at once.


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